Web design and development by Kathleen Kearns creating online portraits. I merge creative design, logical organization, and solid hand coding to form functional web solutions so you can communicate, grow, and fly.


Hand coded, dynamic e-commerce site. Original design and development all my own work: PHP scripts, MySql database, 3 column CSS layout and HTML pages-> adding a bit of cut and paste javaScript so MP3 files of the audiobook intros can be played while the viewer remains on the page and dynamic PayPal Add to Cart buttons.

Other problems solved: Web master of this e-commerce start-up since the business inception in 2007. As the company grows, the product line changes. So I've been bringing the site through many and often dramatic changes. When the owner approached with news she was expanding into a new product line and asked me to develop the site without losing the current audience, came up with the general parent name, Out Loud Audiobooks. The Knitting Out Loud audience is maintained as the old url redirects to the child Knitting Out Loud.



In 2010, I tweaked the theme template code to brand this Wordpress CMS for the non-profit Doorway to Peace and transferred content from my original site designed and developed in Flash.

Problems solved: After I started working with WordPress in 2009 I realized right away it would be the right platform for this site. Originally, I created it as a 25 page Flash site using Actionscript with movie-clips of dynamically loading pages to keep the whole thing loading quickly. It was cool, but it proved time consuming to update. So in the spring of 2010, I redesigned and migrated the site onto the WordPress platform. Now it is much easier to add content, and the comment system allows for the organization to interact better with their audience. Also attaching PayPal donation buttons to help bring in cash flow for their many wonderful projects.



Teri (Dunn) Chace is a horticultural writer who needed a well organized web presence where the viewer could get an overview of her extensive work. I created the header logo in Photoshop using one of her favorite photos that is just perfect for her nature topics and ran the color scheme out of that. linked her 28 book titles to the Amazon Associate program and created and added links to PDF files of examples of her work.



A simple five page portfolio site created in WordPress provides this artist with a web presence that he can update himself keeping his costs fixed.



Primarily a visual artist, the client wanted PDF files of the scores of his own musical compositions and MP3 files of recordings of his music to be very unobtrusively for sale on the site using payPal. I created a MySQL database and coded the PHP pages and we linked them from the bottom of his biography page. Found and purchased an inexpensive add on PHP script so only when the payPal transaction is complete the PDF of the score or the MP3 recording can be download. I designed this site and developed most of this site. I optimized many of the images of paintings and created the artist signature logo in Photoshop.